Financial addiction — An evening with Paul Sunderland

15th November 2018

Compulsive spending, under-earning and debting are all signs of an underlying addictive relationship to money. Just as drugs and alcohol can alter our moods, so our financial habits can generate brain chemical changes which change how we feel. And we can become addicted to these mood changes, persisting in patterns of earning or spending despite negative consequences.

Addictions psychotherapist Paul Sunderland, the former Head of Treatment at Clouds House in Wiltshire, will examine these compulsive traits, discussing the clusters of behaviour that characterize them and offering practical ideas for recovery, success and prosperity.

“Full of amazing insights.” The Priory Group

“Refreshingly real … the best description of addiction i’ve ever heard” TEDx audience

£10 per ticket
to carry on the conversation after the event join us for supper £15

Clubroom bar open from 6.30 pm; event starts promptly at 7pm. Please let us know if you are unable to use your ticket as we often have a waiting list.

Meantime curated by Emma Craigie

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