A girl’s guide to personal hygiene — An evening with Tallulah Pomeroy

13th December 2018

Women aren’t as ladylike as people would like to imagine. When artist Tallulah Pomeroy asked for anonymous anecdotes about the weird, unruly bodily habits, she was inundated. From tampons and trapped wind to ear wax and pubes, stories flowed in from a community of hilarious, radically honest women, who, by admitting to things they had thought were shameful, no longer had to feel ashamed.

Boldly illustrated, these stories take the female anatomy as far away from the male gaze as it is possible to get, in a celebration of women’s bodies that is gleeful, gross, subversive, and beautiful, all at once. Tallulah Pomeroy is rewriting our understanding of femininity.

“Pomeroy’s gross girl gang…are rebelling against long-held beliefs that women’s bodies are shameful, dirty and obscene — at least without proper primping and powdering. They’re giving a glimpse into their hairiest, smelliest, stickiest parts in solidarity with women who just want to feel comfortable in their own skin.” Huffington Post

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