Ice Bear

19th March 2015


Introduced by Director, Oliver Parker and Co-Producer, Mary Hare

Renowned wildlife sculptor Mark Coreth sets off across the Baffin Island sea-ice in search of polar bears; knowing his next piece of work must make an environmental statement. He returns with a vision “to create a skeleton out of bronze, put that into a tank of water, freeze it in to a block of ice, carve it into a polar bear and allow it to melt naturally, producing a pool of water, a skeleton and a powerful message.”

Ice Bear is Mark’s journey to capture the essence of the issue human society now faces. This is neither political, nor economic; but fundamental.

During the screening Mark will create a piece of sculpture Afterwards Mark will join Director
Oliver Parker and Co-Producer, Mary Hare
for the Q&A

clubroom bar open from 6.30 pm
to book call 01749 814070