FOREST VOICES a Film with Baka Music SOLD OUT

26th October 2017

a Film with Baka Music

Baka Beyond present the film Forest Voices which tells the story of a band of musicians from the Baka Pygmies of the Cameroon rainforest. Song and dance permeate the lives of the Baka people who have lived as hunter gathers in the rainforest for millennia. Today, many Baka live on roadsides on the forest edge, forced out from their traditional homelands. Forest Voices shows the progress of a small band of Baka musicians who visit these dispersed communities, bringing people together to enjoy their music and giving them the chance to talk to camera, discuss common problems and have a means to let their voices be heard.

‘Whether they’re distinguishing between a fallen branch, an elephant’s footsteps or which direction a bee is ying to locate a honey-tree hive, they have a very ne-tuned ability to listen. This is what makes them such extraordinary musicians.’ Dr. Jerome Lewis

‘Irresistibly upbeat polyphonic harmony’ The Guardian

All proceeds go towards the charity Global Music Exchange to directly help the Baka who appear in the film.

£10 per ticket
sold out – waitlist here
clubroom bar open from 6.30pm; event starts at 7pm
Meantime curated by Emma Craigie