an evening with Vicky Straker

23rd February 2017


‘To shun waste, to get out of our foodstuffs the full measure of nourishment – these are the essential principles in wartime cookery . . .’

So said Dorothy Peel OBE, Britain’s leading cookery writer of the First World War. She advised the nation on how to minimize sugar, cut down on bread and make the most of scraps of meat and vegetables. In view of the shortages she created wartime recipes for Mayonnaise Without Oil, Mock Venison, Potato Shortbread, but her post-war repertoire included many treats from Anchovy Butter to Feather Tart.

Dorothy Peel’s great-great-granddaughter, the food writer Vicky Straker, has raided the family archives to uncover the life and world of Dorothy Peel, and has tested and modernised the recipes to bring us some quintessentially British dishes.

‘Her pudding recipes win me over completely, with her many different kinds of steam puddings, one of the lost glories of British cuisine.’ Anna del Conte

tickets £10
clubroom bar from 6.30pm
talk starts 7pm followed by Q&A; please arrive early to allow time for parking to book call 01749 814 070

the meantime programme is curated by Emma Craigie