Making good bread takes time.

Baker Tom Hitchmough has been baking artisan bread with love and passion for almost two decades. He bakes the long fermented traditional way, using stoneground organic flour, water and salt. He uses a small amount of yeast in some breads and in others lots of seeds and fruit. Long fermentation creates a delicious flavour, increased nutritional content and a beautiful crust. Just like bread should be.

Tom and his team work through the night when we’re all sleeping,  baking in our wood-fired oven, so that our bread and pastries are ready and on the shelves at 7am every morning, seven days a week.

Check out our video of our bakers working hard over night.

Every day the irresistible smell of fresh bread not only fills the bakery but wafts out into the street.

We never use artificial flavourings, preservatives or stabilisers.

All our packaging is both recycled and bio-degradable.

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